Matrix 360: The Colour Code

The Conversation continues!

BEAT’s Managing Director, Camille Mitchell, joined an incredible panel with a broad range of experience for the Matrix360 and International Women’s Day discussion on Race, Colour and Gender within the Real Estate Industry!

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People notice race and colour. There is no alternative to getting around this fact. Many senior and executive leadership teams avoid conversations about race and colour out of fear of saying the wrong thing. Many people of colour avoid these conversations in the workplace out of fear of being seen as a com-plainer, disruptor — or worse. But pretending that the elephant in the room isn’t there won’t make the current challenges and barriers faced by many in the workplace go away.

What we know is despite Toronto’s demographic composition of being comprised of over 52% people of colour, there are less than 15% in senior and executive leadership positions. Racial and ethnic diversity in the workplace – from recruitment to the advancement of people of colour – continues to progress at an unimpressive pace. The needle is moving so slowly that it appears to be broken.

With organizational culture being so critical, it is the responsibility of senior and executive leadership teams to create an environment that fosters success among employees from all backgrounds.

Therefore, striving to establish an equitable and inclusive organizational culture just may be the single most crucial factor in building a diverse workforce.

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A meaningful conversation on the importance of partnerships between men and women focused on race, colour and gender equity. While most IWD events have showcased women only themes, our intent is to spotlight how men are required to be included in the conversation, recognizing that inclusion and the advancement of equity in leadership is not a women’s issue, it is a collective opportunity to elevate business strategy.

BEAT Executive Member, Safoura Zahedi's installation at Gladstone Hotel

New for Gladstone Hotel this year, the launch of a permanent installation by BEAT Executive Member Safoura Zahedi, entitled 'Connect', that will be active for one year. The immersive installation will exhibit during Come Upto My Room and then transform into an artist designed meeting room available for private bookings.


'Connect', is part of an independent experimental design series entitled 'Beyond the Surface', exploring geometry and its potential as a contemporary universal design language. These explorations use two-dimensional geometry to create three-dimensional spatial experiences through principles of fractal geometry. 'Connect' unites the subtle and meaningful order of our universe by reflecting the unseen. The design series seeks to reflect the universal language of Unity as derived from multiplicity, and transport the viewer from immersion in the mundane to serene contemplation.

Safoura Zahedi is a Toronto-based architectural designer whose work explores geometry through a process of merging traditional analogue design methods with contemporary digital technology and fabrication.