What is a School? (of Architecture, Landscape, Art, and Urbanism)


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Fri, Apr 27/18 to Sat, Apr 28/1

The "What is a School? (of Architecture, Landscape, Art, and Urbanism)" symposium will take place in Principal Hall at the Daniels Building, the new home of the Daniels Faculty. This event will bring together a rich array of educators, theorists, historians, and practitioners to address questions surrounding the design of learning spaces, including:

—What kind of a pedagogical instrument is a school of architecture/design and what role do its physical spaces and architecture play in its pedagogies and research? 
—What is the contemporary role and relevance of a general education in design?
—What might be the agency and reach of the architecture/design school, beyond the school or university?
—How can an architecture/design school be both a place where ideas are cultivated over time, and where they are subject to continuous experimentation? 
—How do schools of architecture/design navigate the changing political and intellectual landscape of the research university?


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Friday, April 27

The Architecture of the School
6:30 pm – 8 pm
—Michael Maltzan, Michael Maltzan Architecture
—Nader Tehrani, NADAAA & The Cooper Union
—Shohei Shigematsu, OMA
Respondent: Sara Diamond, OCAD University
Moderator: Richard Sommer, University of Toronto 

Saturday, April 28

9am – 9:30am

Lobby (School as Political Platform)
9:30am – 11am
—David Fortin, Laurentian University
—Lisa Steele, University of Toronto
—Ginger Nolan, University of Basel
Moderator: Jane Wolff, University of Toronto

Test Kitchen (School as Incubator)
11:30am – 1pm
—Alla Vronskaya, Illinois Institute of Technology
—Axel Kilian, Princeton University  
—Thaisa Way, University of Washington
Moderator: Wei-Han Vivian Lee, University of Toronto

Dining Room (School as Curatorial Space)
2pm – 3:30pm
—Giovanna Borasi, Canadian Centre for Architecture
—Ijlal Muzaffar, Rhode Island School of Design
—Mark Wasiuta, Columbia University
Moderator: Barbara Fischer, University of Toronto 

Designs on the University
Closing Events
4pm – 6:30pm
—Mark Jarzombek, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
—Joan Ockman, University of Pennsylvania
Dissenting Choir: Roundtable with Special Guests


Dissenting Choir: 

— Nancy Levinson, Editor / Executive Director, Places Journal
— John Bass, Associate Professor and Chair, Architecture, The University of British Columbia
— Tye Farrow, Senior Partner, Farrow
— Liat Margolis, Director of Master of Landscape Architecture program, Daniels Faculty, University of Toronto
— Charles Stankievech, Director of Visual Studies program, Daniels Faculty, University of Toronto
— Mary Lou Lobsinger, Daniels Faculty, University of Toronto
— John Harwood, Daniels Faculty, University of Toronto